Kings of Pastry (2009)

Today Starbucks launched the new pastry line from La Boulange. I visited the Juanita Village store to see what they had to offer. I was impressed with the attention to detail in warming the items and the quality of the products. Here's what they have to say about this partnership: We believe that great coffee deserves to be paired with great food. That’s why we’ve partnered with La Boulange to bring their delicious pastries to our stores. La Boulange is a San Francisco bakery and café that has been serving artisanal pastries, and great food since 1996. From the beginning, a passion to offer wholesome food has made La Boulange a local favorite. Now we’re bringing their delicious food to you. Like Starbucks and coffee, La Boulange has always stood for so much more than just finely baked goods. We both exist to inspire human connections—and together we are creating a warm, inviting space where you can gather with friends and family to share time, stories, great coffee and now, fantastic food. Sit tight and stay tuned as we expand the new La Boulange™ baked goods across the country, it’s well worth the wait.

Café Cooking at Home is an accumulation of the café’s top items. From the incredible photography of David Vergne to the easy-to-follow instructions, the La Boulange cookbook is ideal for any home cook.

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