Nudie (2003)

My dear friend a fellow blogger, Wasabi Prime, the talented graphic designer that she is, designed and art directed this fab new book that you should check out. The concept is cheeky and fun and will brighten your day and help people out, too.

It’s official! The Nudie Foodies book is available for purchase RIGHT HERE. It’s chockfull of smooth skin and even smoother recipes that will enrich your life from your loins to your livers- yes, there are cocktail recipes too. AmeriCares has been brilliant to work with and as you know, 100% of the proceeds above the printing cost for this book go directly to the AmeriCares Japan relief effort fund. If you want to read to the end of this post before you head directly to blurb to buy the book, fine, but if you cannot contain the fire burning in your naughty bits and you need to quench it by buying the book immediately, we won’t be offended in the least.

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