Lesson Plan (2010)

Cary Grant's Musings on Life: Take time for 10 things:

1. Take time for work: it is the price of success.
2. Take time to think: it is the source of power.
3. Take time to play: it is the secret of youth.
4. Take time to read: it is the foundation of knowledge.
5. Take time to worship: it is the highway of reverence and clears the dust of the earth from our minds.
6. Take time to help: it is the source of true happiness.
7. Take time to love: it is the sacrament of life.
8. Take time to dream: it hitches the soul to the stars.
9. Take time to laugh: it is the singing that helps us with life's loads.
10. Take time to plan: it is the secret of being able to obtain security, money, and time in order to enjoy the first nine of these to the fullest.

From The Good Stuff, by Jennifer Grant

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