Gourmet (2007)

The best vanilla bean.

Fine syrups.
Chicken liver.
Sturgeon, mature in about 15 years.
Shrimp from Australia, the largest we've ever seen.
$189 a box of Australian shrimp!
Black garlic is hard to find.
Fine ham from Spain. $229 a whole leg.
Another baby sturgeon.

While in Vegas, we found this unique gourmet food shop called Artisanal Foods. They had black garlic, which is difficult to find. Live sturgeon, which in 15 years, will yield caviar, and other hard to find fancy foods, such as whole chicken liver and Serrano ham.

Artisanal Foods
2275 E. Sunset Rd
Las Vegas NV 89119

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  1. Ha! I love that they've got baby sturgeon. Talk about longterm investment. But that's looking at life with a glass that's half-full, baby. Can't wait for their investment to reap many caviar-rich rewards!