Flowers for Madame (1935)

Having just watched Ross Bleckner on the Martha Stewart show, I was inspired to look up his works. Bleckner surprised Martha Stewart on her show, by unveiling his curly haired dachshund in his carpet bag. I was taken with his collection of clippings in his to be published book, My Life in New York Times.

From Martha Stewart website:
Ross Bleckner paints flowers, but his art is a far cry from your typical sunflower still-life.

Ross's paintings are floral abstractions that arrange petal motifs and colors into gorgeous collages of texture and intrigue. They may not always resemble literal flowers -- but for Ross, that's sometimes the point. "It's not so much painting flowers as it is painting a memory of flowers, because then they last longer," Ross says. "It marks a commemoration of an idea of flowers."

A personal friend of Martha's, Ross took a floral image from one of her mid-'90s catalogs and used it to create a series of paintings called "Dream and Do." He continues to take inspiration from print media today -- his upcoming art book, "My Life in The New York Times," consists of meaningful newspaper clippings he's cut out for his sketchbooks.
My favorite answer in this article is:
What's your favorite medication?
Time-release Adderall.

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