The Last of the Summer Wine (1973)

A favorite destination in Woodinville, WA is The Willows Lodge/Barking Frog/Herbfarm property. Located just 2 miles from my home, I sometimes go over on a weekday to have happier hour food and visit the resident pot-bellied pigs, Basil and Borage. Often camera shy, I coax them out of their little pen and take pictures. They are a lot like dogs in temperment. They are leash trained and know a few tricks. They are so cute when they wag their tails!

While you are there, be sure to visit the veggie garden, and on Wednesday nights, participate in the conga line while listening to steel drum music by Pan Leggo.

The Willows Lodge is a lovely local getaway to visit for an evening or a weekend.

The Willows Lodge

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