Cake (2005)

Chelsea Market, NYC

It was built within the former Nabisco factory complex where the Oreo cookie was invented and produced. The 22-building complex fills two entire blocks bounded by 9th and 11th Avenues and 15th to 16th Street. In addition to the retail concourse in the structure east of 10th Avenue, it also provides standard office space for tenants, including media and broadcasting companies such as Oxygen Network, Food Network, Mr Youth,, EMI Music Publishing and the local New York City cable station NY1. Also, more recently, Google has moved into some of the second and fourth floors.

Retail facilities were introduced into the building by connecting the original back lots of individual buildings to a central, ground-level concourse with entries at 9th and 10th Avenues (completed in April 1997). Anchor stores include the Chelsea Market Baskets, Manhattan Fruit Exchange, 202 by Nicole Farhi, Amy's Bread, and a restaurant, called Buddakan. There is also the Fat Witch Bakery, Ruth's Bakery, Eleni's Bakery, The Lobster Place, Frank's Meat, and Chelsea Thai.

In January 2006 on the 10th Avenue side, Morimoto, owned by Food Network "Iron Chef" Masaharu Morimoto and designed by Japanese architect Tadao Ando opened. Opposite Morimoto across 10th Avenue, also in the Chelsea Market complex is Del Posto, an Italian restaurant owned by fellow "Iron Chef", Mario Batali. The Food Network films its shows Iron Chef America and Emeril Live in the Chelsea Market.

The developers of Chelsea Market have encouraged a symbiotic relationship among their tenants with the vendors supplying the restaurateurs with fresh ingredients, such as seafood, vegetables, fruit and meats. The presence of television companies in the same building also brings media attention to the site and the businesses that are found there. The site also allows businesses to combine their manufacturing and retail assets under one roof.


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  1. Aaah! Spaghetti and meatballs cupcakes! I love the food fakery, but I think my brain and my tastebuds would fight one another with the visual of savory but the delivery of sweet. Mindgrape = blown