West Side Story (1961)

After visiting New York, I kept thinking about the Upper West Side, the homey brownstones and living like Carrie Bradshaw, actually, Miranda lived on the UWS. I fell in love with the tree-lined streets, the little gates protecting the trees, and the easy accessibility to cafes, museums, Central Park and shops, all within steps from your front stoop. The charm of this neighborhood exceeded my expectations. Brick homes, old-world charm, decorative accents on every corner.

I've shopped real estate in this neighborhood, and found some affordable options, for only $209K and $715 in monthly maintenance fees, you too can live here. All that for 540 square feet of goodness. I bet that is why most New Yorkers are getting out of the house.

In the meantime, I will dream about Zabars, Fairway Market, spending hours at the museums, and meeting friends at the corner cafe.

Sex and the City, map of NY

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  1. Thanks for sharing your pics, Ms Radish -- I'm so glad you had an NYC adventure. It will continue to inspire you in ways you never imagined. :)