Cupcake Wars

Cupcakes on the judging table. Carnations are mixed in for table decor.

Ms. Leapin' Lily waiting in the line to get in.

Starbucks and Rainer beer cupcakes, a work of art.

Various decorating techniques are on the judging table.

A cupcake enthusiast taking snapshots.

Ms. Leapin' Lily and I braved the Eastside 255 bus, the SLUT streetcar and the wind to attend Seattle's Cupcake Camp.

As we approached the event, we could see the line creeping up the block, but we were determined to have cupcakes.

After 15 minutes of waiting in line, we finally got in, only to wait in another line. After 5-10 minutes of that section of the line, (at least we got to look at the cupcakes to be judged) we arrived to the Cupcake Camp event. I grabbed the first empty box that I could find, anxiously awaiting to fill it with delicious cupcakes from all of my local favorite shops: Trophy Cupcakes, Cupcake Royal, WINK, New York Cupcakes. The sky was the limit.

The room looked like a sugar infested bomb. There were empty boxes all over the tables, cupcake wrappers, frosting, and crumbs galore. Not a cupcake in sight.

Then one small box of Peter Rabbit, carrot cupcakes appeared on the table. It was a free for all. Lucky for us, Ms. Leapin' Lily nabbed 2 cupcakes and we enjoyed the cream cheese frosting and delicious carrot cake goodness.

Shortly after that, the announcement was made: 5000 cupcakes were eaten in 1 1/2 hours and they turned everyone waiting in the long line away! How sad.

It was complete cupcake madness. The turn out was amazing and proves the Power of the Cupcake!

The event was held to benefit Hope Heart Institute.


  1. We must have been ships passing in the night! I'm sorry we missed seeing you there -- I came with my friend Sabrina when it first started, had some cupcakes, and then left on the early side, as it really was cupcake madness! But so tasty!