The Cement Garden

For local gardeners, Lucca Statuary was a timeless resource for garden fountains, statuary and decorations for outdoor use. Sadly, Lucca closed their doors after 20 years in business this past January.

In the similar style of Watson-Kennedy, you can find flea market finds and unique gifts for almost anyone.

You can find a much smaller selection in Ballard at their gift shop, Lucca Great Finds. I've often visited the back secret garden patio and dreamed my side patio would someday look like this one.

Lucca Great Finds
5332 Ballard Avenue N.W.

Seattle, WA 98107
(206) 782-7337

You can find photos at this Apartment Therapy link:

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  1. ooh, one of my FAVORITE stores. Those doll heads -- spooky and awesome. I haven't been in months, but that whole neighborhood has the best shops.