This is It

Military style, but global inspired MJ jacket. The front reads "heal the world" in Arabic.

Shoes for Billie Jean, using Lumilive technology. They light up like the Billie Jean sidewalk!

Billie Jean jacket, inspired by Michael's original jacket worn in the video.

This is for the J5 tribute. It is a royal purple suit with spats.

Thriller, updated.
Embroidered blood down the shoulders. Inside is a large where wolf image with a huge crystal. Over the top!

Wanna Be Starting Something costume, for the opening act. 300,000 crystals! You had to wear sunglasses to look at the garment.

A line up of all the costumes.

Sketches by Zaldy.

All costumes designed by Zaldy, NYC.

The most inspiring technology is the black suit that uses Lumalive technology. The shoes light up, then the pant leg, then up the jacket to the Billie Jean glove.


  1. Bazam -- no one can ever say MJ didn't know how to light up a room. I'm sure he's Moonwalking all across the Great Beyond, and I don't doubt he feels the love everyone still has for his immortal talent.