Le café du cadran

While in Vancouver, we usually stop at Elixir, a French bistro located in the lobby of the swanky Opus Hotel. Offering bistro fare, we each picked a simple dish to enjoy before the rainy drive home.

Le Hamburger with pomme frites for monsieur mr. Radish.
Croque monsieur for ms. Radish

Opus Hotel and Elixir are often visited by jazz musicians, hipsters, beatniks, juvenile delinquents and the criminal fringe...(okay that came from a song lyric) but I like the idea.

Stairwell down to ultra-modern "washroom".


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  1. ooh la lah! This is a good reminder that I need to make myself a croque monsieur. Reading Bouchon was another reminder. The bread and cheese -- they are against me!!