The Dining Room

If you like flea marketing, this is a book for you.

The Vintage Table: Personal Treasures and Standout Settings, from

By loosely mixing modern accents you’ve bought on a whim with vintage elements earned by combing flea markets, you can create tabletops and arrangements that look timeless and classic even as they speak to your mood. Much of the fun comes from knowing you’re using pieces that have personal meaning, and The Vintage Table offers all the guidance you need to discover gems among family heirlooms, textiles, and antiques store offerings. Whether you’re making napkins by repurposing old aprons or collecting stylish pastry boxes from your favorite bakery to be used as a signature centerpiece for your dining room, the pieces themselves become your décor, and they will bring you the same pleasure as a beloved painting that still surprises you every time you look at it.


  1. Too adorable! I love a quirky vintage table - anytime, but especially in the summer! Great Find!

  2. Will have to take a look at this the next time I'm wandering through the bookstore. Thanks for giving it a shout!