The Gift, part 2

Chalkboards, license plates, doorways, bottles, monuments. 49 glimpses of Paris that capture the the essence of the city at street level. Clip the photos together to form a large-scale, perpetual calendar that leaves a lasting impression. From etsy, Little Brown Pen.

To soothe dry skin and provide a floral scent, lavender hand cream from L'Occitane.

These guys are wonderful and make you laugh. The Christmas Can-Can song is entertaining. "shopping shopping shopping"
Straight to Chaser CD

Tiffany and Co, Hugs and Kisses ring to wear all year long.

Leave it to the fashion affordable Forever 21 to revive the MJ look.

Fresh Cosmetics lip balm prevents chapped lips in freezing cold weather and includes a punch of color too.

Forgo the long-johns and wear a pair of flannel jeans instead. Eddie Bauer to the rescue!

When you can't make it to Bouchon and Cafe Presse just won't do. Turn to the Bouchon Cookbook. Thomas Keller is my culinary hero.

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  1. Ohhhhh I'm a Bouchon addict! Great gift idea!