Paris, Je T'aime

Exciting news! The Paris Grocery opened in downtown Seattle last Friday. Located next to the Pike Place Market on Western, it has an assortment of French everyday essentials.

Terra cotta painted walls, black and white checkered floor, simple fixtures Items like...

Making a turkey sandwich with grainy mustard.

Finds of the day, new grocery tote, bread, banana chocolates, pate, bacon peanut brittle, grainy mustard, red wine

Blue cheeses


Sea salt

Snails, snail dishes, small forks

Undertoned decor, a simple stencil

Several types of sea salt

Rose water and sea salt

Temporary sign, very French attitude, opening at 10:15
French sodas in assorted flavors

Domestic meats, duck, rabbit, sausages

Handmade French jams

Cookies and chocolates

Imported pates

Lots of cheeses to choose from...35 French cheeses

More chocolates, assorted flavors

Candies from south of France.

Breads from Macrina.

Sir Francis Bacon peanut brittle.

Paris Grocery
Grocery, Specialty Shop
1418 Western Ave
@ Union StSeattle, WA 98101

Phone: 206-682-0679

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  1. oooh la la! oui! oui! I am so HUN-gry! Your post makes me want to go check this place out. Yum-OH!