Breakfast at Tiffany's

I finally went to the new Tiffany and Co concept store to check it out at University Village. Thinking this might be the only time I'll trek across the bridge to U Village with the Bravern (staples Trophy Cupcakes and Anthropologie) opening, I grabbed my camera to document the goods.

Clean, modern signage

Adorable charms for every season and occassion

Sealife charms

The signature T & Co collection
Then BAM! I got the "we don't allow photography speech." So these are my only gems documented.
For more official Tiffany & Co offerings, please check their website or Bellevue Square.

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  1. Boo to the 'no photography' speech, and I admit, it sours my view on stores when they don't allow people to do it, knowing it will only benefit them. I know most stores are like that, security and all, but come on -- give a blogger some love!!