The Pink Panther (2006)

For those hamburger lovers out there, the September issue of Saveur magazine is all about hamburgers.
This issue is jammed packed with ideas on how to build a better burger. It covers cheeses, buns, toppings, sauces, 26 burger joints (including The Burger Bar at the Mandalay Bay, Bob's Big Boy, a child-hood favorite, Apple Pan in LA, and In-N-Out Burger) and french fries!
For those looking for a good burger in Seattle, you can try Lunchbox Laboratory in Ballard, with burgers more than large enough to share.
There's also a new burger place opening in September, called The Counter: Custom Built Burgers, sounds like Flaky Jake's. How I miss that place!
Steve Martin in The Pink Panther: I would like to buy a hamburger...


  1. lol -- I love Steve Martin. I just saw him again in The Muppet Movie as the surly waiter. Oooh... burger bible. Now that's a holy tome I can get behind. Does this mean if I have a burger piled high with toppings and some fries, my sins are absolved?

  2. Bob's Big Boy....sigh. I sure miss that place. Just the memory of the special red relish sauce makes me drool. Oh, Bob, you Bad, Bad boy, where have you gone?