Bangkok Dangerous

It is rare for the Office Girls to get out at lunch, but we did. RM, Radish and Rose and Wasabi Prime all took great delight in an extended lunch (an hour!) at Chantanee in downtown Bellevue.

We each had the lunch offerings, with a lovely Thai salad, Pad Se Iew, and Pineapple Curry. All dishes were perfectly seasoned and wholesome comfort after a busy morning.

The Office Girls highly recommend going to Chantanee for lunch, HH or dinner.

RM, Radish and Wasabi

Yellow pineapple curry with phad thai, zero stars

Larb, pork, three stars

Phad See Iew, three stars

Champ-Elysees cocktail, lunch friendly lighter version

1930s classic, not unlike a sidecar


  1. Yum... that's the "Dangerous" of Thai food, you have it once, and then you immediately crave it again! Especially from Chantanee. I craved the crispy garlic chicken... but the larb is a worthy non-fried substitute.

  2. Yum to the second power! (I think that would equal "Yum Yum"?!) Thai food. My fave. And this stuff looks exceptionally good. I like this post very much with all of your very own photos! Wonderful!